US Visa Medical Exam

US Visa Medical Exam

Do you know the US Visa medical exam issues? In order to obtain your US spouse visa or the US fiancée visa there is a need for a medical examination. This is part of the visa process that gets done in Thailand before the visa interview in Bangkok and the results are given to your wife or fiancée in a sealed envelope. You will need to take this sealed envelope with you during the visa interview. Note that you are not allowed to open the sealed envelope as this will create an issue.

US Visa Medical Exam

Medical Exam

There are only three hospitals in Thailand who are authorized to complete the medical examination. Among three are Bumrungrad Hospital and Bangkok Nursing Home (BNH) in Bangkok to do these and McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai. They have all the forms needed to complete the medical examination however your wife or fiancée will need to take with all her documents such as medication if she has a chronic condition as well as all her vaccination certificates. These are important as she will need to have certain vaccinations before entering the United States.

The vaccinations listed are what is expected for all K visa applicants, or that it is medically inappropriate for the visa applicant to receive one or more of the listed vaccinations:


–          ❖ Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis

–          ❖ measles, rubella and mumps

–          ❖ Polio (inactivated) or (live oral)

–          ❖ Hepatitis A

–          ❖ Hepatitis B

–          ❖ Rotavirus



–          ❖ Haemophilus influenzae type b(Hib)

–          ❖ Varicella

–          ❖ Pneumococcal for adults

–          ❖ Pneumococcal for children

–          ❖ Meningococcal

–          ❖ Influenza

Note that this might look easier but difficult to complete as there are many issues in Thailand. In the Southern parts of Thailand there has been years of an anti-vaccination push as the South are US Visa Medical Exammainly Muslims and they did not want vaccinations for their children as it was against their religious beliefs.  This gave rise to measles outbreaks over the years in Southern Thailand. Those on the borders of Thailand do get Polio and normally this has not been an issues, however there have been outbreaks over the years even though Thailand is Polio free. Always check for changes for the US Visa medical exam.

Hepatitis is very common in Thailand and Bangkok is not an exception. The stats for these in Thailand can be viewed as troubling so you should also consider this before starting the process. You wife will need to find these vaccination certificates or she is going to be vaccinated for the visa process. Speak to your immigration lawyer about this in Thailand and also see the other part of this website where you can assess the problems with certain illnesses in Thailand.

If you wife has AIDS or Hepatitis then more likely than you might also have picked up these illnesses. The HIV rates in Thailand is very low however the risk of Hepatitis is much higher. Always take proper advice when it comes to Thailand and the immigration process to the United States.

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