K3 Visa Documents

K3 Visa Documents

These are the K3 Visa documents which are needed. USCIS now takes less time to resolve the Form I-130, thus, the current need for K-3 and K-4 visas is rare. To shorten the time your family would need to spend apart, some have gone through the K3 process.

K3 Visa Documents

K3 Visa DocumentsThese are the documents that you will need when you apply for a K3 visa from Thailand. There are also fees which need to be paid and must ensure that you have all those receipts for payment during the visa interview in Bangkok. You will need to have these with you or your immigration lawyer in Thailand will hold on to them for you. Speak to a lawyer about your K3 visa documents. See also the notary public Bangkok.

Documents required:

Form DS-160 – This form will need to be completed for the K3 visa application process. If there are minor children or a minor child then a separate application form for them will also be needed. A DS-160 confirmation page is necessary when you start the process and will also be brought to the US Embassy in Thailand during the interview.

Valid Passport – Your Thai wife will need a valid Thai passport with a longer expiration date as the US visa will be processed for a while and the adjustment of status would still need to be done before the passport expires. You don’t want an expired passport half way through her stay while in the United States.

Birth certificate – Original or a certified copy, must be translated into English if it is in foreign language.

Marriage certificate – Much like the birth certificate, the original would be required or a certified copy.

Divorce or death certificate(s) – These are of any previous spouse that your Thai wife might have had. Again the Amphurs office also provides these documents for you as they would want an original or certified copy of these.

Police certificate – The police clearance certificate will be required for your Thai wife. If there are any children over the age of 16 then they will also need this from Special Branch Police in Bangkok. As stated, the K4 visa application for a child older than 16 also requires a police clearance certificate.

Medical examination – There is a list of vaccinations and checks which you would need to provide for your wife. Check with an immigration lawyer about these.

Evidence of financial support – You will need to prove that you are capable of looking after your wife financially. There are US poverty lines which need to be looked at. See the issues in the K3 visa explanation page for more information. The Form I-134, Affidavit of Support will also be requested and presented during the interview.

Two (2) 2×2 photographs

Evidence of relationship with your U.S. citizen spouse – This would be a big file with all your photos, email, letters and chats.

This is the basic overview of the documents needed when applying for a K3 visa from Thailand. Always check with an immigration lawyer in Thailand for the latest changes to the process as well as new visa rules which had been introduced in the current year. Always check your K3 visa documents on application.

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