Form DS-160

Form DS-160

What is the Form DS-160? Once you have completed the I-129F to start the immigration process and submitted it to the USCIS, normally, within 30 days they will notify you of its approval or ask for a Request for Evidence if  it needs further documents. The process then moves on to the next stage. Always take proper advice when it comes to immigration as delays and denials can be costly.

Form DS-160

Note that the K1 visa will need a separate K2 visa application for minor children of your Thai fiancée. The same goes for the K3 visa where a K4 visa will be needed for any minor children that will also go with her to the United States. Notice also the article on child custody with the US visa that gives you an idea of what is required when taking minor children out of Thailand.

Once all of these are completed then you will be told when your visa interview will occur in Thailand as well as the appointment for the visa medical examination. The following documents will be needed for the Form DS-160 to complete the visa application process.

  • Two passport photos with the DS 160 of her will be needed;
  • The original birth certificate of your step-children which you get from the Amphur’s office;
  • The original birth certificate of your Thai fiancée, also from the Amphur’s office;
  • Copy of her Thai passport;
  • Police clearance certificate not older than six months for her from Thai Special Branch Police;
  • Sealed medical examination results of her.

As for you, you will need to provide certain documents for immigration about yourself. Note that these are included below however you should check with an attorney in Thailand as the process does change from time to time.

  • Your Affidavit of Support being the Form I-134;
  • Proof of funds such as your most recent tax returns;
  • Proof of a relationship (Also your copy of the approved I-129F filed with USCIS)

Always take legal advice on these issues, especially where there are children involved or your fiancée or wife was divorced and there are still child custody issues at hand.

Documents needed

Form DS-160Most of her documents can be obtained at the Amphur’s Office in Thailand. The divorce decree if it was an unopposed divorce. The birth certificates of her children as well as hers. The death certificate if her husband died. This does not take long and easy to obtain the originals.

Vaccinations are difficult as they might have to go to where she went to school and lived in the rural areas of Thailand. This might take a day or two getting those back to Bangkok. The police certificate is in Bangkok and of course she can apply for a passport at the Foreign Affairs office in Thailand.

US immigration is becoming more difficult and they are becoming even stricter. Ensure that all the documents are in order and correct. A single incorrect affidavit or uncertified document can delay the process or even get you a visa denial. Always speak to an attorney in Thailand for more information and contact a Thai law firm for more information.

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