IR1 Visa from Thailand

IR1 Visa from Thailand

This is the IR1 visa from Thailand for your Thai wife. The IR1 visa is an Immediate Relative status in the US for your spouse and you would qualify if you have been married for more than two years from the date of your marriage registration. If not, then you would need to apply for a CR1 visa from Thailand.

IR1 Visa from Thailand

IR1 Visa from ThailandNote that in this type of visa process you will need to be legally married and your marriage registered at the local amphur’s office. This means that a common law wife is not acceptable. Religious marriages such as traditional weddings without legalities will not be recognized. It is mandatory that you have met your spouse in person and that you can only have one legal spouse. Having multiple spouses will only allow one of them who would qualify for the IR1 visa. Just as the CR1 visa and the K3 visa you will need to follow more or less the same process.

You will start with the Form 1-130 applying for an Alien Relative and this starts with USCIS, United States Homeland Security which ends with the National Visa Center and then a visa interview at the US Embassy in Thailand.

To qualify for the IR1 visa from Thailand, you need to be older than 18 years old to file for this petition. This would only be an issue where there are teenagers who got married with parental or courts consent. You will need to ensure that the Affidavit of Support is also completed. The forms needed would be the Form I-130 as well as the Form I-864. Always take proper legal advice about these forms and what is needed.

IR1 Visa Documents

A joint-sponsor will also be applicable if the petitioner does not meet the financial requirement above the US poverty guidelines set by each state. Finally, there are fees involved in all of these and normally when you arrive for an interview for the visa at the US Embassy in Bangkok you will need to show that you have paid all the fees.

Expected fees will be, the USCIS filing fee upon sending the Form I-130 petition, Form DS-260 fee, Medical examination as well as vaccinations fees in Thailand and police certificate fee. Also anticipate the translations fees as Thai documents must be translated to English for the said process. Upon arrival in the US, there are different conditions. The CR1 visa is a conditional residency which you need to remove the conditional status before the two years expire. The IR1 visa is an immediate residency which does not have this condition. Consider all your options as the timeline for the visas are very different. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand about these difference and options.

Take proper legal when it comes to the IR1 visa from Thailand.

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