US Visa Form I-129F

US Visa Form I-129F

This is the US Visa Form I-129F for your US visa. If you are applying for a US fiancée visa then the US Visa Form I-129F is where the process starts. Always check with an immigration lawyer before starting this process as any errors with the US Visa Form I-129F will create delays and a request for evidence. They might just as well deny you your visa early if the application is incorrect or does not have the proper evidence and completed documents.

US Visa Form I-129F

US Visa Form I-129FYou have to be a US citizen when applying for a fiancée visa for the US. You cannot use this application process if you are a green card holder. You will need to show your US birth certificate or your certificate of naturalization. Your US passport or citizenship document will be needed for this process. If you are a permanent resident of the United States then speak to a lawyer about your status as well as what would be needed for your fiancée visa application.

Ensure that your Thai fiancée has a passport that has a long expiration date. You don’t want to have an expired passport before the process is complete. This will create additional problems later when she arrives in the US and the adjustment cannot be completed with an expired passport. It’s simple to obtain a valid Thai passport and does not cost much or take very long. Moving a visa from the old passport to a new one is time and cost consuming while you are in the United States.

CR1 Visa Documents

The next step is to collect all your emails, letters and photos which you are your fiancée had exchanged to prove it’s a valid relationship. This tends to be a large file and you will need to fill this requirement so that there is no doubt in their minds that it is not a scam marriage. The other reason for this is that you have acutely met each other. With many arranged marriages people have not met each other. This is one of the most important files you will be making.

You are also going to need to state that you will be getting married within 90 days after arriving in the United States. This is important when it comes to the US K1 visa from Thailand. If your fiancée had been to the US before then she might also have a Form I-94 arrival-departure record which will also show that she has been to the US before and that there had been no issues. This will also show that she had not been deported from the US as that will be a visa denial right there. If your Thai fiancée had been deported before then you can expect a visa denial based on the deportation.

The K1 visa from Thailand takes on average 7-8 months before it is issued. If you are having a delay with incorrect documents and had received a Request for Evidence then this will slow it even further.

Take proper legal advice when starting the process.


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