US Poverty Line

US Poverty Line

What is the US Poverty Line with immigration. The US poverty line is for those who are applying for the US visa. This can be a US spouse visa or a US fiancée visa. You will note that you will need to be 125% over the poverty line. If you are an active US military then you only need to be at the poverty line. Each state has its own US poverty lines. You will note that the poverty line for Alaska is much higher than the poverty line in California as the cost of living is higher.

US Poverty Line

Also note that the poverty lines will depend on how many people are in the household. The larger the members in the house the higher the will be required. See the note below as to how to calculate this however you will need to speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information and accuracy.

US Poverty Line – 48 States

Household Size                 HHS Poverty       125% of Poverty Guideline

2                                 $17,240                              $21,550

3                                 $21,720                              $27,150

4                               $26,200                                $32,750

5                                $30,680                               $38,350

6                                $35,160                               $43,950

7                                $39,640                               $49,550

8                                $44,120                               $55,150

Add $4,480 for each additional person    Add $5,600 for each additional person

US Poverty LineYou will note that the poverty line on the left is for the 48 States while the column on the right is for Alaska. The right column numbers are much higher as the cost of living is also much higher. You can also add additional income such as the equity in your property as an income and you will need to speak to an immigration lawyer about this. The example used is where you have a house with a mortgage bond of $50,000 however its value is $90,000. The difference between the two is the value of the equity in the house. This difference can be added to as an asset.

Always take proper legal advice when it comes to US immigration services as a visa denial will delay the process or get the visa application denied. Also note that if all the paperwork is not complete that they might send you a notice for more information. You can search this website for more information on the Request for Evidence which will comes at the beginning if all your documents are not completed.

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