K1 Visa documents

K1 Visa documents

Do you know what the K1 Visa documents are? The K1 visa from Thailand has to have correct documents completed. These are the basic documents you will need by the time the visa is sent to the US Embassy in Bangkok. Ensure that you have all these documents or the process will be delayed with a Request for Evidence or worst a US visa denial. Always take legal advice when dealing with US immigration services.

K1 Visa documents

K1 Visa documentsForm DS-160 – The Form DS 160 will need to be completed for the K1 visa application process. Note that if there are any minor children or child then there also needs to be a DS 160 application form for them. At the Embassy interview you will also need to have the DS-160 copy and confirmation page from when you started the process. All these documents has to be brought to the US Embassy during the interview.

Valid Passport – Your Thai fiancée is going to have a valid Thai passport. It would be best to ensure that the passport is going to be valid for a long time. This will avoid the need to have the visa transferred from one passport to another later. Also ensure that there are enough pages in the passport. Unlike the US the Thai passport cannot get additional pages inserted.

Birth certificate – You can get the original birth certificate at the Amphur’s office in Thailand. This takes less than an hour to obtain at their offices.

Divorce or death certificate(s) – The Amphur would have the originals of the death certificate of your Thai fiancées former husband or the divorce decree. You can wait for this as it takes a few minutes to obtain the document.

Police certificate – Your K1 visa will need a police security certificate to show that she has no criminal record. Also note that if there is a K2 visa and the child is over 16 years of age then the child will also require one.

Medical examination – There is a medical exam and the hospitals will know the process. The sealed letter should not be opened and handed in at the visa interview. You will need to ensure also that she has all her vaccinations. See the article on vaccinations in Thailand.

Evidence of financial support – You will need to show that you exceed the poverty line for the US visa which is also listed on this website. The Form I-134, Affidavit of Support may be requested at the interview.

Two (2) 2×2 photographs

Evidence of relationship with your U.S. citizen spouse – This will always be a big file with all your photos, email and other proof of a valid relationship.

Note that this is a very basic overview of what is needed with the K1 visa and you will need to check with a lawyer about the US fiancée visa requirements and process in full. Search this website for more information and ask for assistance if you are not sure. You can also see the articles on common visa denial issues in Thailand as well as the child custody issues if you fiancée has a minor child. Always check your K1 Visa documents.

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